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Event Rental


As a non-profit, part of what keeps the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery running and consistently showing artwork is the fact that we offer daily rental space to local businesses, families, initiatives, and groups looking to take advantage of this beautiful and prime location in downtown Detroit with reasonable cost.


By renting with us you will be able to use our more than 2500 sq. ft. open floor plan for your upcoming event with an already decorated and beautifully lit gallery. We have tables, chairs, and some presentation equipment available. Please contact us for more information!


Non-profits and dedicated groups given special considerations if necessary. 



We have more than 2000 square feet of open, well-lit, carpeted space available to set up tables, chairs, etc. You are welcome to bring your own catering and decorations. We have a new kitchen stove. For photos of Peace Center inside space and layouts, click here.


Tables and Chairs 

We have 20 tables and about 100 chairs available for your use and decoration on our premises. We can organize them in the space but the rest is up to you. 


Other Materials

We have a microphone, open wall space, a projector and projection screens available. We have blue-tooth function speakers and laptop equipment for use with your thumb drive. We do NOT have volunteers to work this equipment - please plan to check our equipment early to be sure electronics meet your needs.



As our infrastructure is run by volunteers and some may be interested in your event and will help. 


Rental Prices

Please contact the Gallery administrator or leave a phone message (313)963-7575 regarding inquiries into rental date availability and rental fees - We need to know approximately how many parking spaces your event will require. 


Rental Contract Link



Event Space Photos

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