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The Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center and Gallery is Southeast Michigan's unique location for peace and justice related art exhibits as well as a location for a number of peace-related events. The Gallery also has a gift shop featuring books, cards and artwork that can be purchased. For more information about the Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery, its history and mission, click here.  And please consider supporting our work by donating here

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Apply to have your work featured as part of our upcoming show: Regrowth. This is an art show about healing and persistence amidst harm. We are looking for work that explores the way natural and human systems move through damage, harm and pain. This show focuses on how these systems recover, renew, and reimagine themselves. In a world of oppression, inequality, and exploitation, how does your community heal? All mediums are welcome! Applications are due June 5th. Artists will be notified June 10th. The show will open in mid June and run through the end of July. 

To Apply Click Here

Check Out Some Of Our "Artists' Talks" From The Past Year 
We love sharing space with artists to hear about their work, practice, and visions for the future! Check out some of the talks from 2022. 































Volunteer At Swords Into Plowshares











Swords into Plowshares is a nonprofit Gallery and Peace center that tries to keep our space accessible to all individuals and organizations that share our values. Our space has been maintained for over 30 years primarily through incredible and dedicated volunteers. If you enjoyed a recent show, or would like to help make our space even better, we encourage you sign up as a volunteer! 

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