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Joyce Mason 1928-2016

In early February, Joyce Mason died. I need to start with those stark words because it reinforces the impact of her death on the many people and organizations that were blessed to have her presence. Her family, if course.... what a caring,loving mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. In addition, the DIA, Hilberry Theatre, the Detroit Symphony and many other art organizations were grateful recipients of the work that she and Ron gave of so selflessly. I can really only partially write of her work here.

There isn't any spot in the Peace Center that wasn't touched and improved by Joyce's interest and work. She was a consummate proof reader, record keeper, Gift Shop head, volunteer supporter and mentor, cleaner and straightener, booster of Peace Center activities, and the first to arrive and last to leave. As someone who valued the history of an organization, she carefully created and maintained a physical record of each exhibit and event which the Peace Center will continue to utilize.  And her artistic talents were evident in the hand-thrown ceramics she created and donated to the Gift Shop.  

She was a scrupulous steward of donations and Peace Center resources - she was a recycler long before it became  a widespread practice.  oyce was an avid reader and critical thinker and a tireless fighter against inequality. At so many lunch conversations during our work week, if we did not solve the world's problem s, we at least found one positive action, thanks to Joyce's insights and understanding.


Joyce’s life was a life well lived. She was truly a good woman, a good friend, and a good citizen.

Wendy Hamilton, Director Emeriti  – Swords Into Plowshares Peace Center & Gallery

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